HEART the play


heart“A Top Hat; a peculiar accessory, a well for small coins to be retrieved from, a portal for flying doves and an abyss to catch falling tears. Ribbons cascade out of my hand and disappear in to thin air, a bending fork and of-course, I can saw you in half. Merely tricks. My real talent is that I can retrieve things lost.. Trinkets, memories / loved ones? / Maybe.” – Andre

HEART is a play, a play about a young man suffering from heartache the steps he’s willing to take to remedy that pain. As the clock strikes 12 on the eve of his birthday, a drunk, shoe less and mess-of-a-Sebastian stumbles into his basement-come-bar in search of the only real magician in town; Andre. His desire to rid himself of his heartache leads him down the dark and twisted rabbit hole to a world of… Magic? Possibly. HEART is the tale of drowning sorrows, magic and mystery..and several instances of drunk-dialing. A play by Gabriella Pinto, and directed by Megan Young.

We’ve all suffered heartache, we’ve all watched movies like The Notebook, most of us have attempted to drown our sorrows… That, or eat them away. But this play, is a fresh take on romance. It’s dark, gritty, crude, truthful and fantastical.

This show is a pre-National Arts Festival and run here in Cape Town at the TAAC (Theatre Arts Admin Collective) in Observatory. It’s a small show, and they hope to get as much support and feedback from Cape Town audiences before they set off to the National Arts Festival held at the end of June in Grahamstown.

All proceeds from the show will go towards funding their adventure to the Eastern Cape, so they need your support!

You can check out the event page on Facebook by clicking here

Here are the details:
Dates: 8th – 11th and 16th- 18th of May
Time: 8pm (20:00)
Tickets: R50 p/p (block bookings of 10 people or more will receive a discount of 10%)

For enquiries and bookings call or SMS Megan on 084 531 5096