Review: Exaile Live – The Side Show



I’ve never really enjoyed the indoor Psytrance scene. As you can imagine, it can get a little cramped and uncomfortable, with people pushing their way to the front nudging and shoving, because they lack the simple courtesy of “excuse me” which is widely known in most parts of the world.

But let’s not complain about mindless zombies… I’m going to tell you why I enjoyed myself and why I’ll be doing a few more indoors this winter…

From the moment we arrived at the Side Show, I could see that Full Moon Events pulled out all the stops. The decor was nothing short of amazing and with the world class line-up, it promised to be a good party.

We grabbed a drink and slowly moved onto the main floor where Silo (Psynoptics) was playing a blood pumping set. From there Plus Minus (Organik) started to push the pitch and that got everyone stomping the night away. Personally I didn’t enjoy the repetitiveness of Technicolour (Spectral Records), but each to their own I guess.

Bruce (Nexus Media) finally came on to open for the main act, and he did not disappoint… I had to remember to take it easy, or I’d wear myself out and be tired for Exaile.

At about 1am, Nir Sobol & Eyal Tzur (Exaile), joined the party and shredded the dance floor to pieces and continued to do so until after 3am, when I left.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see all the DJs on the night, but I’d like to credit them as follows:

  • Skarab (The Village)
  • Archive (MMD Records)
  • Sway (Beartrap)
  • Synchronist (Indipendant)
  • Silverjacksignal (Full Moon SA)
  • Phixius (Full Moon SA)
  • Grimehouse (Dirty Recordz)
  • Embrace One (High Intensity Records)
  • Jubilee (Full Moon SA)

I thoroughly enjoyed the night, and a big thank you to Full Moon Events for the party, and ShutterMonkey Productions for the photographs.

Article contributed by Duncan // @DMTotman