Save a life, f#ck a friend!


Eddie-IzzardOn Tuesday 18th May, I had the chance to catch Eddie Izzard’s latest show “Force Majeure” at GrandWest Casino.

Upon arrival and collection of our tickets, we were invited for a welcome drink upstairs, which I must admit, was a dream come true…

I had no intention of hanging around for 20 minutes in a queue for the bar, to get a drink.

Eventually we headed down for the show, to find a full house. We settled in our seats, and joined in on the live Twitter feed before the show.


After about 15 minutes, Eddie Izzard walked out in his suit and heels to an audience cheering and clapping away.

I must admit that I’ve never seen him live, but have seen a few of his shows on video, so I had an idea of the humour I was to expect. I wasn’t disappointed.

He’s one of the best stand-up comics of our time. His language, expressions, impression give him the ability to bring his jokes around in a full circle. This can sometimes leave you wondering where he’s going with the joke, and then he hits the punchline.

If you’re a fan and have watched a few of his shows, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

His jokes were fantastic, especially the one about horse dressage at the London Olympics, with the line “The only time you’d ever need dressage is if you’re trying to park a horse in a cupboard” and the drug fuelled “Tour de France” as an extreme cycle race were simply brilliant. There were musicals about trousers, the Romans as fascist plumbers. The highlight of them all, must have been his “Save a life, f#ck a friend!” when referring to how you can save a virgin’s life from human sacrifice.

Personally, I don’t think it was one of his best shows. Then again, I haven’t seen any of the others live. All in all I had a good time, and good laugh.

Article contributed by Duncan // @DMTotman