Review: Beartrap Productions – #MysticalContact


D Jay Mark

On Saturday night we head out to Mystical Contact at the Side Show, probably the most popular venue on the indoor calender at the moment.

Beartrap Productions team organised a phenominal party, and I commend them on their line-up, with international acts like Bizzare Contact (Didy Ezra & Gady Ezra), Mystical Complex (Eddie Zaltsman), Royal Flush (Didy Ezra & Eddie Zaltsman), and locals such as;

D Jay Mark, PortalPsy, Sci Lab, sHIFt, Flyp PSyd and more…

I was more there for the music and photographs than to dance, but I did have a good stomp to a few tracks. The inside of the Side Show looked like something out of a dream, with bright neon decor, faces, clothing, there was just so much for the eyes to take in.

Thank you to Beartrap Productions for the party, and to my trusty sidekick ShutterMonkey Productions for the photographs that can be found here

All in all a good time was had, and I wish we could have stayed longer, but we just couldn’t go on any more….

Article contributed by Duncan // @DMTotman