Traphaus – It's a TRVP


941560_189588761196448_1529624502_n#funfact  Did you know that there’s an APP that will change all your “A’s” automatically to a “V” pretty cool, pretty random….a lil useless if you use your phone for professional reasons.  Not sure how the boss will appreciate having to read a word twice, trying to make sense of a sentence in an e-mail.  But for shit’s n giggles, download the Trapify app! Anyway, so I embarked on Traphaus a few weeks back.  Relatively new, only opening in February 2013.  Although considering the lifespan of most Cape Town night clubs, it’s in its prime by now. 

It probably has everything going for it:  Dodgy neighbourhood (sorry all you Observatory residents, but Obs is as dodge as it comes) CHECK!

Upstairs/underground venue CHECK! Upstairs from Gandalfs,  pretty surprising,  as you have to shimmy past some metal heads clad in black and piercing’s up to their eyeballs, and IN their eyeballs too. Find R.O.A.R here

Dark entrance CHECK! Watch out for the neo effect upon entry.  Possibly scares off the metals at the bottom, like vampires to light.  I stared at my watch for a while amazed by it’s new glowing power, reminiscent of a super hero I once loved.  Small minds……

and then….The Bass….CHECK!

I love TRVP (see what I did there).  It’s got a bit of Dubstep, some Electronic, and the beautiful part of it all….Hip Hop.  And with the above check list,  I thrilled at the whole experience.  I felt grungy and underground.  Like I could pull off a Rick Ross growl with ease.

Unlike most Cape Town night clubs, where I swear people just go to check out or make out, this place is about the music, and the love of TRVP.  And just get down and dirrty like Christina back in her haydays as Xtina!

And you know a venue is cool, when one half of Ryan Gosling CPT (not sure which half…Ryan….Gosling…) drifts in.  Drinks are cheap, as our hangovers agreed, R30 cover charge, unpretentious crowd, and music…..oh….the music!

Dragged a girlfriend who is convinced EDM is solely trance….no no no little girl…..needless to say, Traphaus had converted her.  Perhaps it was the alchohol, but lets blame it on the music, but kept shrieking at how much she loved the club, and all the DJs. Jigsaw being her favourite.  Her cute hipster ass even Instagram’d it!

So if you want to be converted like my above mentioned friend, join them on the 26th July (after payday)!  Be sure not to miss out on any updates, and give them a follow @Traphaus021

Article contributed by Lauren Jullies