Hot, sweaty colour me cray-cray


Colour Me CrazyThere is nothing like leaving the city even if only for a day to feel that holiday feeling. The Ostrich Farm is an excellent venue just outside of Cape Town that inspires a feeling of really being out in the bush. And to the bush we went for the Colour Me Crazy Colour Run in October of this year. To top it off, Cape Town offered up a beautiful Summer’s day that had everyone out in short shorts, tank tops and shades.

As the day transpired the clothing became less and less as the summer sun increased her heat.

I was in two minds about taking my 4 year-old toddler with however I am glad I made the decision to include her. It was a fantastic family outing. The organization ensured that the entire festival was really safe and such a lovely day out. The run, the stalls and the music festival were very family orientated and kids and adults alike were enjoying the festivities.

Megan & her daughterOn entry to the venue we received our two bags of paint (powder form) and more was on offer to purchase should we wish. It was clear to us that as soon as you are armed with your paint you are expected to begin the smearing of it all over you. This had my daughter, my partner and myself in hysterics and suddenly we were all kids.

We lined up for the run which would take us all around the farm. The scenery was spectacular with Table Mountain looming in the background, glowing deep blue against the aquamarine sky. The race began slightly later than expected and unfortunately (or fortunately for my sore shoulders from carrying my princess on them most of the morning) my daughter wanted pizza and juice and was having none of the waiting around in the sun anymore. So we planted ourselves at the picnic spot and watched hundreds of participants begin and end the run. Everyone smiling and playful, white teeth shining against blue, pink, orange, green and yellow faces. The picnic spot offered some shade and a selection of quick, easy and sumptuous foods and of course ice cream.Colour Me CrazyThroughout the day we were kept abreast of the activities by the charming MC’s. We were entertained by the DJ’s, pumping tunes and on entry there were dancers on the stage shaking their groove thing in the sweltering sun. Hats off to them!

After lunch the three of us hit the dance floor for sun salutations and some stomping, the crowd gathered quickly for the arrival of iScream & the Chocolate Stix and we kicked off our shoes, kicked up the dust and put our hands up in the air.