Tequila! Who’s in?


The Subways and Fun Lovin’ Criminals
If Capetonians have proven one thing from the recent Rocking the Daisies, that a howling Cape Doctor won’t keep us from a good time.

So with a jacket (with protectional zip) in tact, and armed with great friends and a sense of fun, we drove around town trying to find parking. This is, afterall, the CBD.

Eventually, parked and ready, entering the venue of Harrington Street, what looked like a setting for a Christmas market. Perhaps the feeling of festivity lingering in the air, with Christmas around the corner. Or maybe the colourful lights wrapping the street in its beauty added that special touch. Nearly half-expecting the scent of a European Christmas, with pine cones, chestnuts and gluhwine, we were met with the rather distinct aroma of TEQUILA! Sponsors Jose Cuervo made sure their presence was felt or rather smelt!

Beseeched by the sound of Beast at the main stage, watched in awe as their sound waved through the main stage crowd. Even better, no wind machine needed. Thank you South Easter, rock n roll just got environmentally friendly!

From tequila games (of which I lost and ended up with more tequila ON me than IN me #fail) to food stalls, to bars on every corner. Meant no shoving and bumping queues. Detail…right there!

Constitution Street was probably the highlight of the event. Old school hip hop playing in the background, with makeshift stools and tables lining the pavement, no club needed. Guess my mom can’t judge me if I said “I stood on the corner of a street in the CBD gyrating” right? Oddly enough, didn’t expect to have my music soul sold to NAAS DJ set. Scarffing an Elburro wrap whilst dancing to an amazing set, who wouldn’t fall in love!

The club (The Assembly duh!) itself had a lil name change for the night. La Hacienta. Because tequila….

Had to see my fav’s Gateway Drugs. Their distinct sound somewhat reminiscint of a dad trying to be cool offering his (adult) kid a drink. Something from the 80’s, but with a twist! Then running all the way back to mainstage for another local love aKing. Lead singer Laudo’s voice always sends shivers down my spine. With the intense climb up and down to La Hacienda to jamming in the Backroom Stage (Constitution St) and running all the way back to Cuervolution Stage (main)…for some great rock…and free drinks…that wrap melted off somewhere on the corner of Harrington and Barrack street.

Perhaps it’s Cape Town winding down after a year’s hard work, or preparing her beautiful self for a sun soaked summer, but the general feeling was, and no other word puts it better “chilled”.

From rockers, to yuppies, even hipsters thought the event was uncooly cool…there was no prejudice, no brawling. Everyone seemed at peace in one another’s presence. And as the wind finally died down, as the headlining act of The Subways ripped electricity all the way to the Foreshore. I stood back thinking how beautiful our nation is, that any background and age, could come together that night, and just jam! Then again, those frozen margerita’s could have something to do with my happy-go-lucky state…because…tequila!

Side note: Huge shout out and respect for the dj’s who kept the party going when the main stage was closed! Ryan Gosling and Sideshow….those three ladies know how to end a night!