Van Coke Kartel welcomes Dylan Hunt


image002Dylan Hunt will be Van Coke Kartel’s fifth drummer, since their inception in 2007.

Wynand Myburg, bassist for Van Coke Kartel: “When Francois and myself started Van Coke Kartel we wanted it to be more of a project and not a band with fixed members.

When Jedd Kossew and Jason Oosthuizen joined the band it worked so well that they became full time members and we created what is regarded as our two best albums to date: Wie’s Bang and Bloed, Sweet & Trane.”

Francois van Coke, frontman of Van Coke Kartel:  “We have always been interested in mixing things up and moving forward in new directions. This was our intention for the project from the get-go, hence the word “Kartel” in our name.”

Justin Kruger (2007 – 2009), Peach Van Pletzen (2009), Mike Horn (2010) and for the past four years, Jason Oosthuizen (2010 – 2013) have filled the drum chair.  Now Van Coke Kartel welcomes Dylan Hunt as the newest edition. Dylan’s band of the past ten years, Pestroy, is currently on a hiatus, so the timing is perfect for all involved.

Francois says that “Dylan is a respected musician, great drummer and an awesome guy. We are very excited to start playing with him.”

Jason Oosthuizen amicably takes his departure from the band with Francois, Wynand and Jedd’s best wishes.  Jason is looking to explore other avenues and will be missed by his previous band mates.

“It was great working with Jason for the last four years, but the time for that collaboration is over now. The rest of us wish him well”, says Francois.

Wynand adds that “Jason must pursue his dreams. I know his extremely talented and I wish him the best and hope that it all works out for him. At the same time I am excited to kick off 2014 with a new addition to the Kartel.” 

Jedd Kossew also adds: “Jason will be missed. Long live the Jägerboy!”

Upcoming Cape Town Shows
– 1st February 2014, V&A Waterfront
– 1st March 2014, Cape Town City Hall

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