Q&A with Dynamite MC


One of the highlights of Ramfest 2014, would be having met Camo and Krooked’s “hypeman” Dynamite MC. Headlining the Olmeca Stage, he brought the proverbial house down with slick rhymes, and energy explosively giving truth to his name.


Catching a few minutes out of his insane schedule, we managed to ask @DynamiteMC about his first SA tour.

So, first of all, thank you for an explosive performance. How did you find Ramfest? Both CT and JHB.

I loved it, both events. It was my first time in SA so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the crowd didn’t let us down, they knew what they liked. And there was definitely a strong Drum & Bass community.

What were you expecting from the South African crowd in terms of their reception to yourself as well as Camo & Krooked?

My mind was open, I made no pre-conceptions. I just hoped we had an energetic crowd, there doesn’t have to be thousands, but there has to be energy. As an MC there’s always some people who aren’t happy to see you there, but my style is ‘less is more’. So I constantly aim to convert non-believers. C&K just dropped one of the hottest albums in D&B, so i was fairly confident they’d have a fan base eager to see them spin, and I was right!

First time in SA?  Did you manage to do some sight seeing during your brief stay?

Yes, I went all around Cape Town: Camps Bay, Clifton Bay, Waterfront, Strand street and the foot of Table Top mountain. Its such a gorgeous city with beautiful people. I was surprised how comfortable and at home i felt there. I didn’t see much of Pretoria or JHB, but we did check out Dukes burger, that was pretty epic.

With that said, did you have a specific “must see/do” on your list when preparing to come to SA?

I hit up a friend for some hints and tips, she got me an invite to an art show at the Guild in the Waterfront, from there I met some people and ended up at Jade bar till 2am. I love the spontaneity of travelling. So I try not to plan too much and just… see what happens.

You’re an energetic performer, anything you do to prepare yourself physically, and most likely mentally before you hit the stage. Any crazy rituals to prevent your rapid rhyme shooting tongue from twisting?

I make sure the vodkas on ice, I make sure the mic sounds clean and I make sure the monitors are clear, after that – I’m good to go! Working with C&K, I can trust them to play the kinda tracks that’ll rip the roof off (yes, I know it was an outdoor event!) so all I have to do is just – help the people reach up.

Where did your love for MC’ing, come from?  And why branch into the Drum and Bass and Jungle scene?

I love music, first and foremost, you have to be a fan before you can be a musician. I started listening to soul and reggae – through my parents. Then I found Dance Hall, Hip Hop, Electro, House. Then it sped up to jungle techno which morphed into D&B. I actually wanted to be a DJ, but i couldn’t afford the turntables, so I reluctantly MC’d at a friends house and made a tape, it got around, everybody loved it – so i did it again!

You’ve done collaborations with Camo & Krooked (Stand Up)  as well as Netsky (The Whistle Song). Any more we can look forward to? Any plans on a new album release? If so, what can we expect?

Sure, I’ve had a solo album. 3 Hip Hop Mix tape albums, I’m also a member of Roni Size Reprazent, we released 2 albums in the past and we have a brand new album coming out in October. I’m very excited for people to hear it, the tracks sound really beautiful. I do a lot of features too, i’ve got stuff coming out with Krafty Kuts, Dj Vadim, Funtcase , Nextmen, Huxley and more. I enjoy the variety, and I love to write and record.

Back to Ramfest, manage to catch any of our local guys?  Any of them stand out, or anything from the festival itself ?

It was crazy long drives to the festivals, so we didn’t have time to sample much local talent. But we did do some ‘meet an greets’ with some C&K fans, which is always nice. And the DJ on before us was called Niskerone, he was super cool, and he played a great set both times.

Lastly, when will you be gracing our shores again.  Albeit business or pleasure?

As soon as i can! if its not business it will be pleasure. SA rules! Thank you for having me guys, it was an honour. Big love to Ramfest.

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