Rocking the Daisies 2014 Announced


128176-3b7ba331-7010-43ed-bc6e-20831dd87abd-timeline-_2520info_2520graphic-large-1397695078The dates for Rocking the Daisies 2014 have been announced for Thursday, 2 October to Sunday, 5 October 2014.

For the past two years, Rocking the Daisies has sold out well before the gates opened, with last year’s event selling out a full five weeks in advance.

This high demand for tickets has resulted in the need for a more secure ticketing and accreditation system. In order to combat fraud, the re-selling of tickets at higher prices and to improve security at the festival, Rocking the Daisies has adopted an internationally aligned ticketing format.


  • Each festival attendee will need to register with his or her ID or passport number
  • Sales are limited to four tickets per buyer via credit card, EFT or cash deposit
  • The buyer will need their friends’ name, email address and cell number when buying a ticket for them (it is recommended that the friend is also pre-registered)
  • The friends’ ticket will only be validated once they have completed the registration process themselves
  • Everyone’s original ID, passport or driver’s license is subject to a check against their ticket upon arrival at the festival (no certified copies accepted)
  • If an ID or passport number doesn’t match the ticket of the attendee then they will be denied entry into the festival
  • If you are not 18 years old by the time the festival starts you will be unable to register or attend the festival
  • Any incomplete registrations will be invalid

From 9 – 23 May, pre-registration will be open to the public. Those who pre-register will get exclusive first access to buying tickets and the bonus of a discounted ticket price.

Ticket prices for those who pre-register:

  • Full Weekend Pass – R695 (full price is R750)
  • Two Day Pass (Sat/Sun) – R595 (full price is R650)

From 24 – 26 May, pre-registration will be closed.

  • On closing of pre-registration a notification will be sent to remind all those who pre-registered that they will receive notification when ticketing goes live on 27 May.

From 27 May – 1 June, ticket sales will be open exclusively to those who have pre-registered and those who didn’t pre-register by 23 May will not be able to buy tickets yet.

  • A notification email and SMS will be sent to remind all those who pre-registered when ticketing goes live on 27 May
  • Pre-registered people will have six days in which to pay for their discounted tickets
  • On 2 June any unpaid tickets will go back into the ticketing system and be on sale at full price
  • As tickets are limited and subject to availability, pre-registering does not guarantee or reserve anyone a ticket, but it will move festival goers one step closer to it
  • Official ticketing channels are Rocking the Daisies’ official website, Facebook page and directly at
  • Please do not trust any third party ticket portals, websites or sellers!

On 2 June, full price ticket sales open and all remaining tickets (if available) will only be sold at full price. Should tickets sell out before 2 June, full price ticket sales will not take place.

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Tickets are transferable but will be limited to one free transfer per ticket.

For more information on the event visit