MGMT added to the Rocking the Daisies lineup


133790-eb679c45-abef-44f3-9d6e-7ffd668ca39d-tumblr_mt8jwqns1n1so08mno1_500-large-1403520091Today, Rocking the Daisies announced that American Indie Rock Act MGMT have been added to the lineup alongside Crystal Fighters and Rudimental.

MGMT (comprising of Andrew Van Wyngarden and Ben Goldwasser) will command the attention of Daisies fans with their euphoric and tongue-in-cheek take on modern rock, while enthralling fans with the massive global hits, KIDS, Electric Feel, Time to Pretend and more.

Local acts Jeremy Loops, John Wizards, Beatenberg, Arno Carstens & Francois Van Coke and over 120 more acts will be taking to the Daisies stages, over 4 insane days of Rocking the Daisies vibes; labeling it as one of the most desired musical events in Southern Africa.

With the event selling out five weeks before the festival last year and with 75% of tickets sold for this year so far, Rocking the Daisies urges people to buy their tickets now before its too late.