QnA – Grimehouse


10325282_750419621664586_1083956072525108927_nWe recently sat down with our grimiest friend and DJ Grimehouse for a spot of QnA in anticipation of this Friday’s “The Pit”.

Let’s skip the whole, “Where did you start?  What are your musical influences?” caboodle, that’s what links are for.

Thanks, I like the change up from the normal questions.”

Let’s get straight to the point, The Pit.

The Pit!!!!”

1.   If we were to start with “in the beginning” ….what brought about the concept of “The Pit”?

I sat down with my VJ buddies from a company called Bad Weather and we had a discussion in my room which lasted really long, playing with different ideas about how we can build something that nobody else is doing in South Africa at the moment. We came up with this…..Fish Fetishes were already taken… (too soon?)

2.   Last year’s Pit was a HUGE success, why did you decide to do it again?  Why not hold on to a one hit wonder?

The plan is to grow it. The first Pit was amazing, but once it’s done it’s done. We don’t want to repeat that, we just want to EXPAND that idea and make it bigger. I want to take it nationwide! Pity no other promoter shares the same idea as my crew so this entire thing is funded by me – Risk it for the Buiscuit, Biscuit , Bizkit? However you spell it .

3.   How has the response been to the announcement of 2014 The Pit?

The crowd are really amped and it makes me really confident going into this one.  Everybody has been amped to party from day 1 and loads of people offering to help where they can even which I appreciate so much!

4.   What is it about The Pit, that makes this production different from your other gigs?

The other gigs, I just rock up and play my music (which I love), the club’s rules, the club’s lighting, etc etc. With the Pit we turn off everything the club has and build our own stage. I have live drummer, live guitarist, vocalists, projections and some other bad ass technology. 

5.   You have quite a varied selection of supporting DJ’s, particularly in genre.  Any reason you chose these specific guys?

I wanted to book my friends to play alongside me. Everyone is friends in the industry but there is nothing better jamming all night with the guys closest to you in this game. Its so easy to book a gigantic lineup of the Top artists to attract more people, but this isn’t about quantity its about quality, friendship and a good time.

6.   With that said, what other supporting acts (dj’s or bands) would you like to include in future? Or even which genre of music would you like to experiment in?

SIBOT – CRAZYWHITEBOY – PASCAL & PEARCE – REBURN all have their own brilliant styles which I think would be awesome.

7.   Three time’s the charm….when’s the next one?

If this one is successful, then I have some cool ideas for some new random venues and hopefully a road show up to Pretoria. If it fails I’ll have to sell my kidney 

8.  What are we to expect come 13 Friday 2014.

Everything you have seen in the past pit pics or videos , but some new extreme visuals (leave your retinas at the door), bigger sound and more free stuff than anybody has ever given out!! Salvation Army Bass Edition 

9.  Any up and coming DJ/Producers we should keep an eye on?

He’s not up and coming but too under rated – Blitzkrieg.

Also I think there is a guy named Hardwell. I’m no fortune teller, but I think this is his year!

10.  Any last words for the aspiring DJ/Producers out there?


For more information on The Pit, click here.

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