Our guide to Rocking the Daisies


final mapIf you heading into the land of Rocking the Daisies this weekend make sure you do not forget any of the following…

Ticket and ID: To avoid heartbreak, keep hold of them at all times until you get your wristband.
Tent: Even in the unlikely event that it’ll be warm enough to sleep under the stars, intoxicated campers urinate everywhere, including on sleeping bodies. Take cover.
Sleeping bag: Or a mouldy blanket from the Salvation Army stall, your choice.
Roll mat: Or an airbed if you’re over 25.
Good shoes: Vital in the war against broken foot, glass and thorns.
Black bags: Even if you don’t mind sleeping in a decaying cess pit of beer cans and rotting burgers, they make good makeshift waterproofs. After all this is a “green” event.
Toilet roll: Self-explanatory.
Wet wipes: Who can be bothered to queue up for showers.
Painkillers: Don’t let a hangover ruin watching your favourite band or DJ set.
Plastic bottles: For water and strong alcohol.
Toothbrush: No matter how bad you smell and how hung over you feel, a clean, fresh mouth makes everything better.
Mobile phone: How else are you supposed to update Instagram and Twitter and make all those back home full of FOMO?
Battery pack / phone charger: Don’t let a communication breakdown ruin the last day. RiCharge will be there to charge phones and other devices.
Torch and spare batteries: Because getting into a sleeping bag drunk is even harder in the pitch black.
Raincoat: You never know. Weather may be looking good but you really do never really know.
At least one hoodie: See above.
Sun cream: The African sun can get nasty when you jumping up and down in the sun to your favourite groove.
At least one change of clothes: Not compulsory but people might not come near you otherwise.
Cooler box: Because warm beer tastes like camel’s urine.
Condoms: Even if you don’t get lucky, someone else in your group probably will.

Below is a map of the venue, or you can download the mobile app to give you line-up time, pin on the map where you’ve parked your car and tent.

final map