Club Unity’s 16th Birthday – “Unity Beyond”


12 Dec 2014

This year Club Unity celebrates it’s 16 years of high-end rocking party’s with World class DJ’s and artists.

Experience the wonder of South Africa’s first super club – Sight – Sound – Atmosphere.

Club Unity is going beyond, and evolving new elements of sound and passion for dance music. Each DJ-Set has been given a name to introduce each stage of the journey that takes you beyond…

For the 16th year celebration they’ve got the cog spinning on a new axis and have united DJ components from Johannesburg and Cape Town!


Launch Pad – DJ Eric M
(Definition) – is an above-ground platform from which rocket-powered or space launch vehicles take off vertically.

– Gravity – DJ Ryan Dent
(Definition) – is a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other. On Earth, gravity gives weight to physical objects employing a downward force to keep them grounded.

– Warp Drive – DJ Nick E Louder
(Definition) – Warp drive is a faster-than-light (FTL) propulsion system in many works. A spacecraft equipped with a warp drive may travel at apparent speeds greater than that of light by many orders of magnitude.

Nebula – DJ Jason 47
(Definition) – A nebula (Latin for “cloud”; pl. nebulae, nebulæ, or nebulas) is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Originally, nebula was a name for any diffuse astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way.

Solar Flair – DJ Jon-Jon
(Definition) – a brief eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun’s surface, associated with sunspots and causing radio and magnetic disturbances on the earth.

Earthbound – DJ Richard Carter
(Definition) – moving towards the earth.”an earthbound spaceship” limited to material existence as distinct from a spiritual or heavenly one.


Date: Saturday, 30 May 2015 – 22:00
Venue: Mercury Live – 43 Devilliers Street, Zonnebloem
Tickets: R100 Pre-Sold

For more information visit the Club Unity Facebook page