Hush presents Lazarusman – 7th November at the Mash Tun


Hush-presents-LazarusmanInnovation and action are often born out of necessity, so driven by the need for great experiences, Cape Town house music stalwart Erefaan Pearce and Scotsman Darren Rose teamed up to create Hush. No strangers to the power of music and the strength of communal celebration, their aim wasn’t to relive the past, but instead to build upon it with a view to evolving the local house music scene.

In an era obsessed with numbers and feet through the door rather than the propagation of good values through music, the Hush brand has always tried to be about community and intimacy. Erefaan says: “It goes beyond being just another party. It’s about connections made on dance floors. Feeling part of something bigger than oneself. A familiar face not because we know each other, but because we love the same things. After the event is done and we are all spent we have a collective experience that is shared in the minds and words of the people who were there.”

Darren elaborates: “For me personally, having the right audience is probably the most important aspect of the party. Yes the musical curation of the event is imperative to its success but it’s a given that our DJ’s can perform. That’s why we carefully select our line up, but the energy comes from the dance floor. When you’ve got a room full of house heads and dancers its game over. That’s when things get really special.”

The Hush line up is a real congregation of local talent with each artist having surpassed the status of simply being the ubiquitous DJ. Erefaan Pearce (Hush), Leighton Moody (We House Sundays) and Terrence Pearce (Private Life) are all promoters with their own brands and highly respected producers having released music on labels such as Fina, Kolour Recordings and Bigga Sounds.

“Loads of care has been taken in selecting the artists for the event”, says Erefaan. “We considered things like audience, theme for the evening and presence in the scene which is now a much smaller niche than in the past. We chose Lazarus Mathebula aka ‘The Lazarusman’ as our headliner. He is a real talent. A father to a new generation of artist. A different kind of artist.”

It took the Hush team over a year to scout a new venue and it was by pure coincidence that they landed the The Mash Tun, owned by Russ Meyer, manager of the legendary house venue, Club More. “The synergy between the brand, experience and people was complete” says Darren. “The venue spoke to us immediately and is free of stigma, clichés and is open to making fresh new memories.”

The last piece of the puzzle was found in Redbull Studios. After a series of unrelated meetings with the brand on various topics concerning electronic music in the city they agreed to donate the Redbull Sound System to the event.

Date: Saturday, 7 November 2015 – 21:00
Venue: The Mash Tun ZA, Mason’s Press, Ravenscraig Road, Woodstock.
Tickets: R60 from Quicket

For more information email the Hush team on or check out the event info here