Q&A with Tune Raider ahead of Rocking the Daisies 2017


In the spirit of Women’s Month, we caught up with Tune Raider for a Q&A to find out how the DJane got her big break and how she prepares for a festival like Rocking the Daisies.

You first emerged on to the scene about 15 years ago. How did you get your initial break into the Psychedelic Trance scene and who were your influences?

TR:I made friends with most of the DJs and club promoters by the time I had learnt to mix, but I was thrown in the deep and learnt to swim pretty fast, there weren’t many females in the industry at the time, I started in the club circuit and moved onto indoor gigs, then small outdoor gigs and then 4 years into it my break into the big festival circuit came with the my 1st Vortex set in 2006. My influences I guess were the whole psytrance movement and my desire to be a part of it, Dave Mac (DJ and owner of idmmag.com online publication) has been an influence in my career, he invited me to be part of his radio show on Mutha FM – at the time it was on air in the city centre and later moved online, from that platform I then started playing bigger sets, and so the journey began, we still work together today.”

How did you come up with the name, Tune Raider?

TR: “I was with a label called Psy-Station at the time – which the name was influence from the word Play-Station, so Tomb Raider = Tune Raider…. Guess it was destiny..

What are the most common misconceptions of Psytrance and the scene?

TR: “That it is an EDM rave. Psy trance is a global movement, it is a place where we can escape the drains of normal life and what society expects from you, “go to school, get a job, pay taxes then die”. For me the Psy-trance scene is a place where people connect, they can be themselves, dance under the stars and in the sunshine, learn about yourself and other people, I love how global it is. I feel truly at home, I am a freak and this is my tribe.”

How do you think one could change this perception?

TR: “I don’t think you can by talking about it, Psy Trance is an experience not a thing, but if you like to dance, then it is your loss to not come to a psy trance party. Dancing in an open air dance floor which is probably situated in a beautiful location, is blissful, and should be experienced at least once in your life, who knows… you may just love it!”

You produced a documentary titled “Under the African Sky” in 2009 about the growth of the Psytrance Scene in South Africa. Have you considered updating or producing a follow up to this?

TR:Sometimes, if I find the right partner to get involved, I will try making another one, but the beauty about the 2009 one, is that it’s now considered Vintage, in 2 years it will be 10 years old, how the time flies.”

To date, which is your favourite country/festival to play in/at? And is there some place(s) you’ve never been to and would really like to play at?

TR: “My dream is to represent my country on the global festival circuit. I don’t have a favourite place as yet; each place has its own beauty.”

Is there anything you do to prepare yourself physically or mentally before your sets?

TR: “A bottle of water and a shot of tequila….. heheehee in all seriousness it depends on the gig. For the big ones I usually have my set and idea of what I want to play, but I mix each track as I feel works for the dance floor, but I don’t prepare each sequence, that is not the point. Just before I get on stage I try being quiet and taking a little walk to clear my head and get focused.”

You travel the world. Are there any essential things you need to have with you? And what are the things you miss the most when you are on tour?

TR: “Girls need more things than boys do, so it can get tricky sometimes bringing the essential and trying to pack light. Music wise, I have my music on USB, and a backup of the USB as well as CD backups too. The only thing I miss is to be able to communicate in English, sometimes I will be in a place where people don’t speak English and can get a bit lonely.”

Any top tips for surviving a 3-day festival such as Rocking the Daisies?

TR: “Wet Wipes, Water, Sunscreen”

Are there any acts/artists you’re looking forward to seeing at ‘Rocking the Daisies’ this year?

TR: “Lady M – Margret West, we competed in horse riding shows as kids, and I haven’t    seen her play in years, and I’m super proud of what she is doing.”

Some final words for your fans?

TR: “Love your party scene and keep it real, we are so blessed to live in a time of festivals and Psy-Trance, let’s keep it going forever and ever…. See you on the Dance floor at this Year’s Rocking the Daisies, I will be jamming the sunrise set on Sunday morning.”

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