A look into RAMFEST 2014

No words can describe Ramfest 2014, other than “Take me back to Ramfest!”

So let’s take a look into what went down, in SA’s most rocking festival this 2014 so far:

TALMARKES _ General 13

With any festival, a sea of tents welcomes your arrival, Ramfest’s advantage; PARK AND CAMP! No slugging of belongings up and down. Your only wish would be decent camping neighbours.  Three days next to obnoxious drunk could take its toll.

TALMARKES _ General 08

TALMARKES _ General 07  from hipsters, goths, metal heads, to just your average jo,….music lovers, are music lovers, regardless of what you listen to, and festivals bring us all together.

 With four stages to choose from, our top SA bands, kept us entertained.  TALMARKES _ Mr Cat & the Jackal 01

TALMARKES _ Foto Na Dans 01 (1)

TALMARKES _ Black Cat Bones 01

TALMARKES _ Taxi Violence 01

TALMARKES _ Red Huxley 03

Predominantly a “rock” festival, metal-heads thronged the Red Heart Stage on Friday for Trivium and Killswitch Engage

TALMARKES _ Kill Switch Engage 01

TALMARKES _ Trivium 01

But it wasnt only rock, EDM kept their laser lit own at the Olmeca Stage, keeping us up till the early hours of the morning. The highlight being, Austrian headliner Camo and Krooked with MC Dynamite (UK) getting the crowd crazy with DnB at it’s finest! (have a look at our interview, with MC Dynamite here)

TALMARKES _ Olmeca Stage

Nursing hangovers were spent at the Carnival Stage, with gentle comedy shows for our fragile minds, easing us into the day.

TALMARKES _ General 09

Admittedly, there was some kind of balls up with the Red Heart Stage during the day, delaying a good few of the acts.  Heard from a guy, who spoke to a guy that the lighting guy blamed the sound guy (literally conversations that were floating around) causing some insane improv from the organizers getting the scheduled main stagers to perform to a smaller, more “intimate” crowd.  As they say, the show must go on.  Including UK band Vuvuvultures, who really need to come more often to SA!

TALMARKES _ Vuvuvultures 02 (1)

And then came the reason why we all flocked to this scenic oasis, shaking up the apple trees, and (regrettably) waking up the cows….Saturday night’s international headliners….Foals and Biffy Clyro!



Biffy made the crowd emotional. No doubt about it.  Non-stop energy, it’s no wonder why they’ve been voted Best Live Act.

TALMARKES _ Biffy Clyro 05

An honour to have witnessed them live, can only thank Ramfest for having them and all the other acts, now engraved in my memory.

Huge thanks to @WarrenTalmarkes of www.talmarkes.co.za and www.thesharpestlives.co.za for these amazing shots.  See more on his Facebook Page

TALMARKES _ General 14