Wake up to the sound of the Espresso Bluetooth Speaker

GEAR4 is proud to introduce the Espresso Bluetooth speaker. This small, yet powerful wireless speaker produces a massive punch of sound anywhere on the go! Designed to look like a...

Review: Altered States Lunar 2018

Upon arriving at the gates of this mystical wonderland we were greeted by the most friendly of security guards who very politely checked our car for glass bottles. Altered States...

Review: First Thursdays Cape Town

Cape Town was it’s usual magical self this Thursday – the first of the month – which we all have come to know and love. Store fronts gleamed invitingly,...

Review: Yossarian play Alexander Upstairs

It was a windy, sticky Friday evening – the end of a long week in which the latest revelations of the impending hydro apocalypse had given Cape Town a...

#IamHardwell Tour Cape Town

On Friday, 6th December, Hardwell the world's #1 DJ based on DJ Mag's annual Top 100 DJs poll descended on Cape Town. The Dutch progressive and electronic house DJ and producer wowed the crowd with what can only be described, as a phenomenal performance. The visual effects were nothing but spectacular, from smoke, lasers and pyrotechnics to keep eyes entertained while dancing to the man himself.

Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells

The 9th of November saw us taking a trip out to the Ostrich Farm for the awesome Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells Rockabilly Festival. We didn't stay till the...

Man Up! It’s a Festival!!

You could have complained about the distance getting there. Then again, is the one hour drive from your parents FAR enough? You could have moaned about the cold. Seriously? If you're Capetonian, four season's (with added Parmesan cheese please) is practically a norm!

Review: Texas Live

One thing’s for sure – Scottish band Texas know how to put on a show. The traditional Cape Doctor stopped just enough for Capetonians to have their first proper summer...

Tequila! Who’s in?

If Capetonians have proven one thing from the recent Rocking the Daisies, that a howling Cape Doctor won't keep us from a good time. So with a jacket (with protectional zip) in tact, and armed with great friends and a sense of fun, we drove around town trying to find parking. This is, afterall, the CBD.

Big Dreamer – Summer Experience 2013 REVIEW

It was windy #thatisall But apart from the wind knocking the snot out of your nose, the Big Dreamer Summer Experience was surprisingly good! Set at the River Club, yes, the golf club, made a nice change in terms of space provided, soft grass in comparison to a dusty terrain and better yet...decent toilet facilities!