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Tech Giant Samsung On The Dance Floor

Generation Y and Millennials have grown up constantly stimulated by and connected to technology, so it stands to reason that the music of their generation reflects this too. The...

Review: Nokia 8 – Be less Selfie, be more #Bothie

Last week, a Nokia 8 was delivered to our offices for a review. Firstly, let me start off by saying that I've been an iPhone user for many years....

Powerbeats2 Wireless – quality performance, great power and even more freedom

Beats by Dre stay away from the norm, by drawing inspiration from various places. This time Beats by Dr Dre has drawn inspiration from the superstar basketball player LeBron...

Beats Executive headphones review

When I was sent a pair of these quality headphones to review for a week it was hard for me to say anything nice about them without using words like "gimmick" and "waste of money". The reason for this though, is that a lot of headphones come in to the market branded with "big names" that actually mean nothing.

Make a statement with Monster DNA headphones

I'm not one for bulky headphones when on the go, but when sent a pair of Monster DNA headphones to review, I thought I'd give them try.