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‘Dare You’ To Meet Hardwell

'Dare You' To Meet Hardwell
On December 6th, DJ Hardwell will play the Bellville Velodrome as part of his I AM HARDWELL SA Tour. Electric Music has ensured that South Africa’s finest will be supporting him from the likes of Pascal & Pearce, Das Kapital and Chris Taylor.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, we have a little surprise…

We’ve been given the opportunity to reward one lucky fan the chance to meet Hardwell in person on the night of his Cape Town show.

*The meet & greets are only valid for #IAmHardwellSATour ticket holders in Cape Town.

To enter you must do the the following:
The competition is a play on Hardwell’s latest song: Dare You. We ‘DARE YOU’ to show us why you deserve to meet Hardwell. One Hardwell fan will come face-to-face with the World’s #1 DJ

Step 1 of 4: Complete the entry form below (we need your details to contact you).

Step 2 of 4: Follow @CPTatNight on Twitter or like them on Facebook here

Step 3 of 4: Post on Twitter or Facebook.

For Twitter, tweet the following…

I’ve entered the #DareToMeetHardwell competition with @CPTatNight – enter here

For Facebook, share any of “I am Harwell Tour” posts found on our fan page here with the following comment…

I’ve entered the #DareToMeetHardwell competition with Cape Town at Night – enter here

Step 4 of 4: Comment below why you think you’re worthy of meeting Hardwell. (originality of your comment will help your cause)

Terms & Conditions: You must be over the age of 18, the competition closes at 5pm (17:00) on Tuesday 3rd December. Winners will be notified by 10am (10:00) via Email the following day (Wednesday 4th December). The Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

*The meet & greets are only valid for #IAmHardwellSATour ticket holders in Cape Town.


  1. I believe that i should meet Hardwell because I was in America when it was announced that the I AM HARDWELL tour was coming to South Africa and my friends and I went absolutely crazy, so much so that we cancelled our Ballito rage plans for December just to see Hardwell live in Cape Town on the 6th December. I’ve just finished matric, I am a Cape Town ticket holder and I think that the ultimate start to my new found freedom would be to meet the world’s best dj, Hardwell In my city.That’s why you should pick me to meet Mr Robbert van de Corput 🙂 xx

  2. WHY i want to win and deserve to meet Hardwell , well first i will always support him in everything he does, he is my insperation and it would only make me the most lucky and appreciative girl in the world to meet my insperation, the first time i heard he is coming to SA i could not believe it, i almost died. I actualy can’t even explain how much i want to meet hardwell, even just for a minute i would literally like sell my suster just to meet him. #DareToMeetHardwell #IAmHardwellTourSA #ElectricFamily #IWantToMeetHardwell

  3. 5 More days till Hardwell plays on Cape Town soil and I’ve literally been thinking about this competition day and night so to show you just how serious I am about meeting Hardwell, I’ve decided to do something special everyday for the next 2 days and take a picture of it. So today I got a “Hardwell” henna tattoo across my arm. The link to the pic is included in my tweet to @CPTatNight. The Velodrome is literally 5min away from my house and to have Hardwell performing In the same vicinity Is just absolutely INCREDIBLE. Being able to meet him would make my entire year. So please Cape Town at Night, I dare you to pick me to meet the Dutch Lord 😉

  4. The joy Hardwell has brought into my life was revolutionary to say the least. He is a hardworking, passionate young person who is an inspiration to me.

    I’ve listened to almost all his sets this year ranging from Ultra Miami 2013, Electric Zoo NYC, Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld, Amsterdam Dance Event at the Passenger Teriminal & also the start of his ‘I Am Hardwell’ tour in Amsterdam (his 2 hour set). I also listen to his weekly podcasts & follow him, almost religiously, on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

    I wasn’t in the country when my friends & I found out about the tour hitting Cape Town shores. Once we found out more details we immediately cancelled our post-matric plans as Hardwell, ofcourse, takes preference.

    There is not a day that goes by where Hardwell’s name/song release doesn’t pop up into one of my conversations. I got my ticket the same hour of release – just to be safe!

    I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend the end of my 12 years of schooling than to meet one of my idols. It would be an honour to meet a man of his stature (in the EDM scene).

    Thank you & I hope with all my heart it works out for the best 😀

  5. 4 More days till Hardwell in Cape Town!!! 😀
    So today my friend and I decided to make and paint a huge banner with ‘Hardwell’, ‘ #DareToMeetHardwell’, ‘I <3 CT', and the Dutch flag on it. We also painted our faces with the Dutch flag (in honour of Hardwell), attached the banner to the car and drove around the Mother City blaring Hardwell's tunes from the speakers. The link to one of the pics are attached in my tweet to @CPTatNight. We definitely got some strange looks in peak hour traffic, but it was nice to know that we also brought some laughter and smiles to many people's day. This was just another activity done to prove to you how much i want to win the meet and greet with Hardwell and that I'm not afraid to be original and think outside of the box.
    I put 110% into everything I do and i just honestly hope that it pays off in the end 🙂 xx
    #IAMHardwelltourSA #DareToMeetHardwell

  6. I ‪#‎DareToMeetHardwell‬ because I believe I’m one of his biggest fans! I’ve been following his radio show since episode 75, listening to his live gigs and podcasts every chance I get! All I ever wanted was for him to grace the mother city and share his gift with us.To thank him in person for all the incredible music he has brought to the ‪#‎ElectricFamily‬ and music lovers around the globe. I can’t explain how ecstatic i’ll be if I get to meet @Hardwell at ‪#‎IAmHardwellSATour‬ with him being ‪#‎1dj‬ in the WORLD!!!!

    I dare to kiss his feet, if he allows me to, if I do meet this iconic dj, if not I’ll ask him to sign his name on my forehead and not wash it off for an entire month!!!

  7. 3 More days until Hardwell!!!! So since this competition is closing in 30min, this will be my fourth and final entry/comment. I don’t know how to explain how much I want to meet Hardwell in words, so I made a video instead. Over the past couple of days I really did try to be as original and different as I could and I hope that it shows. I put a lot of time and effort into going the extra mile and doing things instead of just commenting. I would really appreciate it if you could check out my vid : 🙂
    Holding thumbs

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