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Big Dreamer – Summer Experience 2013 REVIEW

BIG DREAMER-SUMMER EXPERIENCE 2013-PTT-2BIt was windy #thatisall

But apart from the wind knocking the snot out of your nose, the Big Dreamer Summer Experience was surprisingly good!

Set at the River Club, yes, the golf club, made a nice change in terms of space provided, soft grass in comparison to a dusty terrain and better yet…decent toilet facilities! Trivial for some, but an outdoor lavatory is my make or break between letting it go, or accepting the onset bladder infection. Needless to say, no cranberry juice needed here! It’s the little things…The Summer Experience brought forward a very urban line-up. With the likes of Matthew Gold, GoodLuck, Danny K (yes, he lives) Mi Casa and DJ’s Mixi, Lloyd, Lyle, Andy Carr, Milkshake, the incomparable Kent and international headliner Fatman Scoop.

Matthew Gold entertained the not-so-large crowd with his radio chart topping tunes. A mellow sound to what seems to be a mellow artist. GoodLuck will always be my favourite SA act to watch. The trio can excite any crowd, even getting involved in the crowd! We had lead singer Jules in the crowd during a performance.  And those legs! Respect those squats girl! Keep a look out for the newest single Figure of 8, off Creatures of the Night, for all you deep house lovers!

Now Danny K is not a Cape Town regular. Also, more of a family festival orientated kind of guy….perhaps let’s keep him that way?

The DJ’s inbetween the live acts were….okay, but it was DJ Kent who we were waiting for. Practically felt the crowd beg for more at the end of his set.

There were plenty of jokes going around of Fatman Scoop, and only knowing “That one song”! Or as MC Carl Wastie brilliantly put:  “Put your R20 note in the air”. BUT, there are more that have been produced, all of which have slipped my mind though. Disappointed is a nicer way to express mine, and from a quick glance to the crowd, a few other’s feeling or reaction towards his performance. Apart for the bitching and moaning about a faulty set (uhm, on which Jules earlier did a perfectly fine two step, in heels no less).  It would have helped us, the crowd, jog our memory on perhaps the other two songs we may know of The Scoop. If he didn’t insist on ONLY playing the first 20 seconds of every song played.  And insisted we repeat everything he says, or does. “What I say, ya’ll gotta do!” Felt like I was attending a cult-like initiation. Not impressed.

I’m sure if keeping up with the review, a mention of MiCasa was amongst the line-up. Due to a flight delay, their performance got moved to the end of the night.  And thanks to having enough of playing “Simon Says” with Fatman Scoop….left!

I WILL see MiCasa again, cos dammit, I’m destined to become L-Something!


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