So….like…Ultra SA Happened!

Ultra South Africa

Even though the biggest party to hit SA’s shores was a few days ago, I still feel like I’m looking forward to Ultra with childlike anticipation. Withdrawal symptoms perhaps?

It’s not often that we’re graced with INTERNATIONAL headliners at a one-day event. Let alone, more than just the standard 2 that a weekend festival brings.

And if you appreciate the beat of EDM, or just love a good party, missing out on this would be ULTRA insanity!

So, on a hot and sticky summers day, throngs of Capetonians took the (not so) long road to The Ostrich Farm.  Which, in itself is slowly becoming a venue of choice with a crowd expectancy of 15k revellers, our sunkissed sun screened bodies squirming with excitement.

Apart from, oh, Nicky Romero, Tiesto, Krewella, Blasterjaxx and Martin Garrix to name a few, Ultra SA wasn’t going to take the stage(s) from our local talent either.  Setting up 2 additional stages of Dansville and the Goldfish Submerged there was a sense of feeling torn when you missed some of our local legends! But speaking to buddies @SumoJac and @Grimehouse they understood as much as their fans’ loyalty lies with them, how often do you get to see these internationals….well except Nicky….and approval and acceptance was given if their sets were given a miss. Still hearts you boys!

The main stage wasn’t only occupied by the (English is not my first language, but I look good anyway) DJ’s.  The SA artists to start off the show came in two’s, double trouble? Pascal & Pearce, DJ Fresh and Euphonic being some of SA’s favourites.

Then arrived the highlight (no seriously, I highlighted my Ultra Flyer) of the entire event.  Hot DJ duo Blasterjaxx, new and adorable Martin Garrix (who hasn’t lost their ish to Animals?), W&W, the life-changing Krewella, Nicky Romero, Tiesto, Alesso, Afrojack….note, that eventually I lost touch of who played when cos eventually you just don’t stop partying. And with fireworks, bass drops are you to blame me for feeling that I was in some sort of dreamy haze?

Downsides were the prices, talk about wake-up calls, but we expect this at parties, so it really isn’t anything new. But there were plenty of bars for the masses. But how did they run out of water??? At a summer event, lasting the whole day, this was a major fail. Sugar levels raised when substituting water for any form of liquid. Explains the rush and dreamlike state of mind. The VIP’s complained plenty that their stage was too far….pssht, free food, now sit down!

Can I send out a HUGE thank you to Shaun Duvet of Electric Music and the team for bringing this event through!  The time was perfect, the crowd electronically in love, and after attending the press conference, look forward to more year’s to come.