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Jordan Wines – A Review

Jordan_WinesAs I was researching where I could find the best places to have a poached egg, and honestly, I have always hated eggs, I discovered Jordan Wine Farm. The pictures I found online, did not do it any justice until I actually visited, in reality, this would be the ideal getaway destination.

Owners of the Parow based Jordan Shoe company, the name “Jordan” should be a familiar particularly for those from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.  And now they’ve branched into wine making too.

For me, wine has not been associated with luxury, but more of an experience and we all need to experience the good things in life, but I’m more drawn to wine and its scenery, either a dark wine cellar tasting room, or the vast rolling vintages of a wine farm.

Upon entry, you come across a single road, but be warned, 4×4 drivers may challenge your patience and your vehicle’s offroad abilities. This brought on flashbacks of   bad experiences with 4x4s driver’s claiming stake to smaller roads and after much hand gesturing, and the occasional curse word you eventually reach a dirt road.  Eventually  you will reach “Chameleon’s Crossing”.  The sign post in itself uncommon on a wine farm and had my Johannesburg guests leap out of my car in an attempt to find said Chameleon. Needless to say, this brought on a much needed laugh post road rage.

The presence that fills ones soul when entering the winery is euphoric. The much needed calm rushes over you as you settle down under a large tree on the deck overlooking a dam. The grass inviting you to lay down on it while dogs playfully chase one another as you are taken away to a place beyond the vineyards.  With autumn approaching, I fell a little bit in love with the leaves falling as I sipped away at my coffee, observing the smiles on the faces of my city slicked friends engaging with nature. And to make the moment more memorable, the order of scrambled eggs and salmon for breakfast did help!

Salmon_Jordan_WinesFinishing up with the breakfast we headed for wine tasting. This section is different from the bakery and the restaurant itself. For 40 bucks you get to choose 6 wines from their range which has a selection of entry level to premium wines.  Do note, I am not going delve into the chemical balances and the technicalities behind wine and winemaking. Mostly focusing on the experience and to whom a wine would suit.

Jordan_Wine_BottleOn the right we have the Jordan Chameleon Rose 2014. This wine is an entry level, easy drinking, and summer plus under 60 bucks. The colour of the wine I find extremely flirty,  and do note that I am not a huge fan of Rose or a Dry Rose for that matter. When I think “dry”, red wine comes to mind and with that I fear that the taste will in fact dry out my mouth. Yet, this beautiful wine had a fresh crisp taste with a dry finish that blew my mind. Reason, it’s not what you are expecting and yet you find yourself sipping a little more and more to only find yourself a few glasses later with an empty bottle. Fun fact, a rose is usual an afterthought when being created and if you are fan of Rose you might notice that some wine farms get it right, while others get it terribly wrong. At Jordan its apart of their wine making process. This is a 50% merlot and 50% syrah blend, made with care to give your mouth an explosion of flavor.

The next on from the Chameleon range is the Chameleon white. From what I can remember. Depending on the different storage temperatures one can taste the differences of the blend.  As this is a Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay blend, one’s choices were either sweet or fruity.
The tasting notes were the cape green fig, although realistically, how often can you remember the distinct taste of a fresh fig, least when it comes straight from a wine bottle.  All in all, if the bottle is warm or at room temperature, you would be tasting more of a sour note than that of sweet. However, if the bottle has been refrigerated overnight, a more distinct and crisp taste will occur on your palate.

The Chameleon Range is now available at selected Checkers Stores. They’re so fancy!

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