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Q&A with Perfect Stranger ahead of Synergy Live 2015

perfect-strangerWe managed to get a quick Q&A with Perfect Stranger ahead of his trip to South Africa for Synergy Live 2015, and Truth Club, Johannesburg. So to make sure he’s no stranger to you, we got a few question answered by Yuli Fershtat, the man behind the name Perfect Stranger.

Lets first start off with; are you excited to returning to South Africa, and do you have any fond memories from visiting our shores?

PS: Of course I am! And indeed I do!!

Are there any places/things in Cape Town that you have heard about, and do you have a specific “must see/do” on your list when you get here?

PS: I am coming on a really tight schedule for only couple of days, and it seems that as a whole I will stay in Cape Town for only one day… So there is not much I can squeeze into this visit beyond party, eat and sleep, but if I could bump into some wine tasting on one of the farms in the vicinity, I definitely would… Last time I took 3 bottles with me…

You first emerged on to the scene in 2005. How did you get in initial break into the Psychedelic Trance scene, who were your influences?

PS: I’d been working with Iboga records quite a while before hand… Probably since 2000… So I already knew the material, and the type of sound that is required and promoted by the label. I think that the way down in BPM from the 140’s to 135 and lower did the trick on it’s own, as my previous project ( BLT ) was kinda progressive already.

I was more influenced by sound that came from Psy Tech scene actually, namely Stephan Bodzin / Elektrochemie, Oliver Huntemann, Fergie, Dubfire, Extrawelt and many others that emerged at that time. Mixing it into the known progressive vibes was really fun.

Is it true that you decided to split your projects into Perfect Stranger & Yuli Fershtat, can you best explain what fans are to expect?

PS: It’s correct. Perfect Stranger will mostly perform progressive stuff above the 130bpm mark. While Yuli Fershtat will DJ tech related music that is mostly below the 126bpm mark.

You define your music as “Psychedelic Progressive Minimaximal Techno Trance” any particular reason for this bridge of the cross genre mix?

PS: Cause I like it a lot?

Is there anything you do to prepare yourself physically, and most likely mentally before your sets?

PS: Yes. I try to go to Gym or do any kind of Cardio Vascular activity at least once in 2 days. I make homework such as special mash ups of my own material that involve 3 or 4 tracks in a time frame of 1.5 tracks / I do same stuff sometimes with tracks of others to use in my DJ sets. Do my best to get well rested before the gigs ( that doesn’t really happen often ).

You’ve collaborated with well-respected artists such as Ace Ventura, Grouch, Captain Hook, Gabi 2B and many more… Are there any producers/artists out there that you would like work with?

PS: I’ve collaborated with quite a lot of artists indeed, in fact the last couple of years or maybe since my last album, all I’ve been doing is remix upon remix and collaborative tracks. I think right now my best intention is to make some solo Pefectly Strange work – that is after I will get from studio with Grouch… But seriously, I’m really excited to meet myself again and work with myself after a long time of absence..

Following on from that, are there any producers/artists out there that you would like to see remix one of your tracks?

PS: I really like the works of Morten Granau and already mentioned previously Grouch from the trancey side of things and Mind Against from the Techno side of things. There are many others of course, but I defo wouldn’t mind having a track remixed by one of these three ( or all of them at once… )

Are there any new and upcoming producers/artists who’s work currently excites you?

PS: Australian Eeemus, Israeli / Swedish Diamandy, Mexican Jossie Telch are defo names to look for in the future.

To date, which is your favourite country/festival to play in/at? And is there some place(s) you’ve never been to and would really like to perform in/at?

PS: It’s a tricky question as a politically correct answer would be – I love all of them. But since it’s obvious that each and every one of us has his own best of the bests, my best continent would be Australia ( I am in fact answering this questionnaire down unda ) and derived from that, my personal utmost favourite festival on the planet would be Rainbow Serpent.

You travel the world. Are there any essential things you need to have with you? And what are the things you miss the most when you are on tour?

PS: Mostly miss my bed ( and my bed partner!! That’s probably the most essential ).. Miss my dog a lot… Physical items are less bugging although I hate it when I forget my ear plugs in some other pocket than they are supposed to be…

Some final words for your fans?

PS: See you very soon!! It’s been a while!!!

Here’s a little taste of what to expect.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

You can catch Perfect Stranger on the Sirius Lineup at Synergy Live 2015 on Sunday, 29 November from 15:30 – 17:30


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