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Silent Disco Cape Town – Shhhh let’s party

Silent sun set disco

If, like me, you have avoided the Cape Town Silent Event‘s silent discos like the plague, you’ll probably scroll over this to read about shots at Zhivago on Saturday or torture yourself reading about Pixies playing on the 16th and how you knew you should have gotten tickets while you could but you didn’t and now you’re contemplating taking leave anyway and sitting in the park, concert area adjacent and just soaking up the sounds. See you there friend. Silent Disco though, I was sure would be awkward af, a few bodies and me, the only chops dancing to (seemingly) no music while everyone else there watched on and I sang out loud, unaware of the noise my shoes were making as I jumped up and down and just generally looked like a twat. After a few discos around Cape Town and at Daisies though, I’m a total convert.

The headphones mean the music is louder than at any club, you can totally zone out and groove to them tunes. There are up to 4 DJs to choose from and it is a non stop beat fest, no awkward moments from the DJ asking everyone if they’re having a good time (no we hate it here that’s why we’ve stayed and we’re dancing). Your friends will be jamming too and the beauty is that you can dance to Hip Hop while you’re friend loses it to some EDM or trans right next to you. (Do yourself a favour and flick through the channels every now and then though, even if a genre isn’t for you you’d be surprised by what you’ll find). Be prepared to spend a lot of time making sure friends on different frequencies notice your colour and change to it when you find a great song (each channel lights up your headset a different colour). You will sing along, as will everyone else, and it will be glorious (because as far as you’re concerned you sound phenomenal with those phones on).

Now if you’re looking for something a little more chilled there is the sunset boogaloo also from the lovely people at Silent Events – on Clifton 3rd beach (there is one on the 18th of Feb and the last one is on the 5th of March). The party starts at 5PM and you can dance, toes in the sand, until after the sun sets.

Tickets are R100 each (or R120 on the day) and there promises to be 3 different DJ’s rocking Hip Hop, Reggae and Funky House. Don’t miss out – try something new for once ffs.


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