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Review: Altered States Lunar 2018

Upon arriving at the gates of this mystical wonderland we were greeted by the most friendly of security guards who very politely checked our car for glass bottles.

Altered States 2018 was a place of lunar magic and happy auras. As my first smaller trance festival I was delighted by the vibrant energy and busy hustle.

The circle of dreams venue is a dream itself. Beautiful trees providing a shaded and earthy dance floor. Plenty of natural water points to fill up at and a spacious camping arrangement all close to the dance floor. The bathrooms are clean and well looked after with hot water showers for the early birds. Unfortunately due to the drought, the river levels are low but still swimmable.

Three food stalls, Marley coffee and a bar leaving us happy campers with a choice of some delicious food and drink not to mention the beautiful and unique crystal, clothing and other quirky stores. A bonfire to keep us warm as well as some breathtaking fire dancers added an extra glow to the festival.

The music was pumping and kept many up till the sun rose. The sound quality was good and loud, the way we like it. Tune raider played a very groovy set from 20.00 to 22.00 keeping the energy flowing. Heads up to her! The music got very fast later into the night with ZZBING and Tersius.

Altered states very cleverly supplied us with the DJ line up on our wrist bands saving paper and our beautiful trees as well as ensuring we didn’t have to walk to the bathrooms or bar just to find out who is playing at what time. The overall atmosphere was energetic, spiritual and stimulating. Strangers felt like family and each soul I met, put a smile on my face. A place of great love, passion and adventures for the spirit.


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