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Valentine’s day at The Hussar Grill

Ideal for twosomes, this February The Hussar Grill provides a perfect setting for steak – and other – lovers.

The calendar month of February in the auspicious-sounding year 2020 seems to have been made for two. This special time – conventionally known as the month of love due to its annual Valentine’s Day celebration – has gained some additional distinguishing features, thanks to the new decade, that have sent it into romantic overdrive.

The second day of the month is expressed numerically as 02022020 in calendar terms and it just happens to fall on a weekend, making it an irresistible Date Night (or luncheon) option. When St Valentine’s namesake day swings round after that, it falls ever-so-conveniently on a Friday – so it’s best to make those table reservations now. Then there’s “Two’sday” or  Tuesday the 22nd, aka 22022020. And finally, 2020 is a Leap Year, with Saturday, 29 February 2020 designated as that unusual Leap Day, a phenomenon which occurs only once every four years.

Known at one time as Bachelor’s Day, Leap Day’s reputation precedes it – and not just because it is an extra day in the year. Historically, and according to an Irish tradition dating back to the 5th century, it was deemed acceptable for a woman to initiate a proposal of marriage on Leap Day. Nowadays, though, we celebrate and honour all kinds of unions and it is no longer socially unacceptable for a woman to propose to her partner. However, Leap Day’s allure persists globally as a notable day of enduring affection, love and commitment, with a good many of those BIG questions getting popped in fun and unusual ways!

Whether you’re planning on a twosome for 02, 14, 22 or 29, and especially if you’re planning on taking the big leap on Leap Day and getting down on bended knee, you can double your bet that The Hussar Grill will cater to your romantic inclinations with its legendary warmth, excellent service and superb steaks. Your dining choices won’t be confined by a set menu, so you’re free to succumb to the allure of a sensational flambéd Chateaubriand served with an equally classic Béarnaise sauce on the side. Vegetarian diners will also find a number of delicious dishes to satisfy such as the Cape Malay lentil curry or the pan-fried gnocchi with wild mushroom, roasted butternut and feta. You’re welcome to bring your own bubbly or wine to toast the two of you as there’s no corkage fee, ever, at The Hussar Grill. The full menu and award-winning wine list may be viewed here:

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